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new here.

Well, I thought I'd introduce myself as I am new to this little community here, but not new to watching the show. My name is Stephani, my userinfo tells a hell of a lot more about me, so does my myspace for that matter. I have watched every season and never missed an episode. Reading that last sentence back, it makes me sound pretty pathetic, I am, I know it. Anyway, I think there should be more posts, I think it'd be cool if there was a post like after every ep... just to get some discussion goin around here. That'd be cool. Just a little input. Maybe next week someone will start some discussion about the episode and its highlights or something. I won't, I'm just sayin that now... but maybe someone will. OoOkay... I wrote more than I intended to and if it made no sense at all, I am sorry. I just dont feel like looking it over at this point to make sure that it did. So, bye-bye for now, I guess.
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