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I think NBC rigged everything, ANd they probably forced him to choose Samantha to make him look like a fucking idiot on screen for going back, after getting dumped on Average Joe 1.

I blame NBC they wont show everything and they always show the one they want to look stupid, think about it, THe first one, they made Jason look dumb, she picked him, the made gil looking like he wanted an acting career she picked him, see there are alwyas stuff you might not know. For example, Sam could of been sweet off screen and there could of been more than just what they showed, same with Rachel. Even with Gil and Larrissa and Melena And Jayson. You dont know what goes on, you dont get the full story.

So why judge adam. I just relazied that I was being an Ass for making fun of Melena and Larissa, but who dont know the story. So its not that bad.

So if anything is to blame, its NBC, Not Adam/
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